Some of our services include:
-​ Dug Trees(balled and burlaped)
- Free Shaking
- Free Netting or Bailing
- Free Tree Drilling(for stands w/spike)

Other services include:
- Dug Trees that are balled and
 burlaped.  Call and reserve a tree to
 be ready and dug when you arrive at
 the farm or come choose one to be
 dug, but you will need to return the
 next week to pick it up.

Must have an appointment before 
arriving at the farm and check in 
at the gift shop and sign
or bring a signed photo policy
(the link directly below) 
and a $25 donation to the
Christmas Spirit Foundation.

*To find information about how to care for your real Christmas Tree or other facts about them go to - it is the website for the National Christmas Tree Association. Go to the tab All About Trees.  
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Greg and Jim digging trees
Shaking a Tree
Drilling a Tree
Bailed Trees
Alfeldt's Christmas
Tree Farm & Nursery